Friday, August 12, 2011

The Bad Side Of the Nuke Deal with the USA.

      It is now,quite,notorious how the USA got its Nike Deal with on its terms by BULLING the UPA.China had got a better deal,reportedly, ON ITS terms by grinding the USA for about 30 years.When the Indian Left was threatening MM Singh and the UPA,Kissinger and Pauslon,in their turn, were also doing the same to the UPA by setting up shop in India!Paulson was saying openly that "India should Sign the Nuke Deal with the USA"!These two met with then Bengal CM of the Indian left,Budhdhadev Bhattacharjee and Singur and Nandigram[massacres] resulted:but that's another story,possibly scripted by the CIA,Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission etc in the style of Gladio.Budhdhadev was also making certain statements favouring the Indira Congress party and thus trying to split the Indian Left,the main aim of the USA.Anyway,forgetting all the drama and the technical dangers associated with the deal in particular and Nuclear Plants in general,the following points seem to have escaped many
1.Constant Radiation from the mega-plants proposed,will increase the incidents of cancer cases.
2.Fertility will come down with radiation.This will DEPOPULATE India,the main aim of MM Singh,as he is a member Club Of Rome,a Globalist body recommending DEPOPULATION.
3.Pharma Cos will have huge profits due to the increased cancer cases.

To be continued......

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