Sunday, August 7, 2011

Predictive programming Of The Indian Masses.The Rookie Misuses The Indian Media

       The vested interests both Foreign[the USA/CIA/Mossad/MI6] and Indian[The Indra congress party],are misusing the Media as a proxy to project a person.Some background is needed for this.

1.The USA and the Vatican would prefer a person from a particular community.
2.US Corporate Houses have joined Indian Media Houses in campaigns, like,Coca-Cola with NDTV and J P Morgan[extremely dangerous for a Sovereign  India],with The Times Of India group.
3.The Mother and Son were in Switzerland,when the "Secret" Annual Bilderberg Meeting was on at St Moritz,from 9th to 11th June,2011.
      99% of the World events are influenced by this Group of the Power Elites.They install their lackeys,as PMs and Presidents.And the Future PMs and Presidents meet the Bilderbergers in their Secret Annual meetings.It is quite a certainty that the Mother and Son would have been contacted by this group,whose stakes in India's puppet leadership are very high.
     As soon as both returned to India,from Switzerland,Digvijay Singh[belonging to the same Community],an Indira Congress party spokesperson began to announce that this "rookie" should be the PM of India!
4.The Mother is now in the USA,ostensibly for  surgery,when the Bohemian Grove,another Elite[all-male] Group meets.A coded secret message,"Operation Successful",seems to have been sent for the concerned.

       Thus this PROXY Election,by Predictive Programming of the Indian masses, has added significance.
To be continued.........

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