Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hillary Clinton Visits India in May 2012

This very impressive,photo,showing Mamata Bannerjee ,rebuffing  Clinton, for dictating terms, is from "",dated 7/5/2012
Clinton visited India in the first week of May 2012.She is a Bilderberger.MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,founded by Rockefeller,a US globalist.The aims of the visit p an interference in India's internal and external affairs.This shows that the Indira Congress puppet of the USA]were announced to be:-
1.To meet and convince Mamata Bannerjee,CM,Paschimbonga, about FDI,Teesta water sharing with Bangla Desh.The photo above shows the reaction of the CM of PaschimBonga.
2.To make India further educe crude import from Iran,while the Iranian delegation was in India
 for bilateral trade.
3.The timing and the events during her stay show that,the following were to placate Pakistan
i.Gilani says that Katsaraj temple in Pakistan should be "maintained'.
ii.Shri Advani Ji is accused by CBI
iii.Amicus curae says that Shri Narendra Modi Ji can prosecuted though the SIT,appointed by the SC has given him a clean chit.
iv.NCTC was discusssed among the Indian CMs and Chidambaram,M M Singh etc.It is known that this is under US pressure.Do they want to arrest Indians or Foreigners from/in India,for rendition flights by the CIA? 
v.PPP in defence sector debate was initiated by a BJP memeber,in Rajya Sabha.It is to be noted that,Clinton has taken initiative for the "leadership Trainning",of Indian politicians at the Yale University,recently.PPP is for Agenda 21.

Clinton met with M M Singh and the Italian Woman also.
It is worth noting that the Annual "secret" Bilderberg Meeting is due in this month or the next in Virginia,USA or Haifa,Israel.Later,she and S.M.Krishna,India's Foreign Minister,addressed the Press.
To be continued.....

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