Tuesday, May 22, 2012


      The following photo is from this link regarding Coal Gate,Clearly a cunning,CROOKED and artificial "smile"! "GUILT" is written all over his embarrassed face.M M Singh's facial expression gives him away.He is guilty.
     This photo from this LINK shows what the Media think about M M Singh..The caption behind M M Singh,in Sanskrit very emphatically, brings out the obvious.....His facial expression shows GUILT
     The following photo was published in connection with this LINK,regrading the CoalGate.Guilt and embarrassment written allover,x's face.

     The following photo is from the Hindu online Indian newspaper,dated 22/5/2012,on the 3rd Anniversary of UPA II's rule,during,"Report To the People".M M Singh's posture and countenance, speak volumes...There is also, a play on the words, in the phrase,"Report To the People"...
This photo from "firstposrt.com" dated 25/5/2012,regarding the same event,also speaks volumes,as to the facial expressions of the three.

2.Agitation against petrol price hike 24/5/2012.
3.The following photo is from THIS link.Look, how GUILTY and embarrassed M M Singh looks as the Foreign Woman defends his many treacheries.

4.The following photo is from THIS link.

5.The following photo from THIS link shows M M Singh angry, at some blooper by Ahuliwalia.

5.This one form THIS LINK:-Both crooks look GUILTY.

6.THIS from THIS LINK B.oth the IMF puppet and Il Duce look down..Note the colour of Il Duce's dress and the IMF- World bank-puppets Turban....


Il Duce looks sad.The said,cabinet Expansion is on the Formula 1 day.F1 has many meanings,like "Foreigners Won",etc....
Cabinet expansion

PM Manmohan Singh, Cong president Sonia Gandhi, Defence Minister AK Antony, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde during swearing-in ceremony for the new ministers, at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi. (Express photo: Neeraj Priyadarshi)
the above and the photo,are from ie dated 29/10/2012

To be continued.......


  1. your blog is a real eye-opener. i had been reading these kind of stuff for quite a long time.. but its very hard to convince people on the same, they simply ignore the facts.. but good to see someone spreading awareness.. keep up the good work..