Sunday, May 27, 2012

India A Banana Republic Under The Indira Congress party.

Indira Congress party reminds THE EMERGENCY of Indira Gandhi. Jaganmohan Reddy,the Christian Leader of YSR, Congress party is arrested by CBI in a disproportional assets case,after 3 days of interrogation,while the UNELECTED,MM Singh is on a 3-day tour of Myanmar,[starting today],where he will pay homage to the last Muslim Ruler of Myanmar!!Elections for 18 Assembly seats and one Lok Sabha seat are due shortly in Andhra Pradesh.
Many other things are pointing to danger under the Indira congress party and its efforts to convert India not a Police State;-
1.It is under the iron grip of Bilderberg.
2.NCTC[proposed].UID,SmartGrid,NatGrid etc are undemocratic,as these are methods to usurp the Power of the States.
3.The recent hike in petrol price was extremely arrogant as it misused the so-called,"under-recoveries" which is a LIE,Jaipal Reddy  running away to Turkmenistan a la M M Singh during the many scams....
4.M M Singh is resorting to his 1991 trick to get the following implemented,by crook:-
i.FDI in  Retail and aviation
ii.Decontrol of Diesel price and hike in other Fuels' prices
iii.Banking and Pension Fund Bills.
5.The behaviour of Ansari in Rajya Sabha during the LokPal Bill Debate....
6.The proposed Land Acquisition Bill,is a copycat OF the "eminent domain",in the USA,the UK, Australia,new Zealand etc.
Will be updated...

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