Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The USA has usurped Power In India!

The UPA announces in Rajya Sabha that the crude oil import from Iran will be reduced by 11% to 15.5 MTPA,this Fiscal.
Relations with Pakistan being "adjusted",at heavy LOSS, as the USA misuses "possible Nuclear War", between India and Pakistan.MM Singh is trying the EU-clone SAARC,in which India will LOSE her Sovereignty,due to Common Currency.
India buys US weapons,,almost regularly............Pranab Mukherjee was being grilled by the USA during his visit to that nation,April/May,2012,about Diesel price decontrol,the IMPLEMENTATION of other  anti-India and pro-US policies,'sugar-coated',as "reforms'.....No Sovereign Nation will allow this to be done so openly..
  India is under the iron-grip of the USA,due to the "NON-ELECTED" MM Singh,the Globalists' PUPPET.
To be continued......

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