Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bill Gates' hold on Indian Politicians and the UPA.

Bill Gates is reportedly a Globalist,working for Depopulation,STERILIZATION etc in the interest of the Pharma Cos[whose shares he has invested in and whose products he is using for Vax and Healthcare]and other Globalist Oligarchs.

The UPA seems to be at his beck and call,as it is going to introduce a "5 in 1" Vax shot for kids as they "promised" him.This  is very strange.A nation like India trying to "keep its  promise" to an individual of doubtful Integrity and at the cost of its own people.There is a Video in which Antonia Maino the Italian Woman,"granted" the Gates couple an audience.His hold on many Indian politicians is very strong.
He was awarded the "Indira Gandhi Peace", prize,though this lady Dictator of yesteryear was in all probability assassinated by proxy,by the USA.
He is calling the shots regarding Vaccination and Healthcare in States in North India.
He attended a meeting regarding the notorious UID,in which Con Artist MM Singh and the like were present.
He is having is Foundation and branches in India.
He has a very great influence in policies of the UPA,regarding GMO,Banking and Finance etc.Recently he visited India along with Buffet,who demanded that India open up her Insurance Sector,during a  visit related to Philanthropy!Some Philanthropists,these two.
He may most probably be having an influence or use his Foundation for conversion of non-Christian-Indians to Christianity.
To be continued......

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