Monday, May 16, 2011

The Significance of the Loss of the Indian Left in Bengal

In the recent Assembly polls[April-May,2011],the Indian Left in Bengal lost heavily,though securing more than 41% of the votes cast,making some commentators use the expression,"the demise of the Indian Left",in the strategically important,North Eastern State of India.
What really happened?
After Henry Kissinger and Henry Pauslon met with Buddhadev Bhattachrajee,when they set up shop in India,around 2008, to intimidate our nation into signing the so-called,"Indo-US Nuclear Deal",Singur and Nandigram took place.[They whispered something in the ears of the pitiable Bengal CM].The Indira Congress party ,the CIA[and hence Mossad and MI6]were interested in demolishing the Indian Left,when the latter withdrew support for the UPA and prevented anti-national policies to be implemented by the  "Rothschilds,IMF,World Bank-puppet",MM Singh.
Now the Trinamul Congress party has won with a huge majority in Bengal.What are the implications?
1.This party is supported by the Maoists,and hence Jesuits,and hence the CIA[and hence Mossad and MI6].So anti-Indian policies favouring the Globalist Oligarchs can be expected as far as Finance and economy are concerned.
2.In many parts of Bengal like Deganga,Mayapur,Barasat,Gangasagar etc,Muslims,both Indian and Bangla Deshi,are harassing Hindus with the help,reportedly,of Nur-Ul-Islam,of Trinamul Congress party,even when CPI was in power.Now the Hindus may be in for some hard times.
3.Since the Maoists,who are anti-Hindu and pro-Christian, are "friendly" with the Trinamul Congress party,the Hindus may have a tough time ahead.Recall that the Maoists assassinated a Hindu Religious Leader,in Kandhamal,a False Flag operation to besmear the BJP,so that the Indira Congress party can have the advantage in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections,in which the Trinamul Congress party was an ally of the Indira Congress party.
To be continued........

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