Monday, May 16, 2011

Depopulation By Stealth by the Globalists.Negligence in Indian Hospitals

Negligence in Indian Hospitals makes one doubt Depopulation Efforts.
On the surface they may look so,but the numbers are so much that coincidence cannot be a possibility.
The other cases I have read about are:-
1.The so-called vaccination for Depopulation.
2.Injection by needles used on HIV patients.
3.Wrong medicines,as in the above case.
4.Choose the healthy part to operate upon like the EYES.Choose the one which is healthy and leave the sick one as it is.This happened during the Cataract removal in my Mother's case,but she was alert and questioned the concerned person,before the Operation,in Mumbai.
5.Expired Glucose used in IV injection.Read here.
6.Fungus found in IV fluid,in a Jaipur Hospital where about 17 deaths have occurred.
A woman is wrongly  operated on Gall Bladder instead of leg,in Bihar.
To be continued.....

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