Thursday, May 26, 2011

Communal Violence Bill proposed by the UPA.

      The UPA is trying for Communal Violence Bill.This is to usurp the power of the States by creating False Flags[Godhra,Kandjamal,Lakhisarai,Gujjar Agitations in Rajasthan,Singur,Nandigram,and now Bhatta-parsaul,a year hence from the Assembly Elections in UP,are strongly suspected to be examples by the Indira Congress party,Trinamul Congress party,Maoists etc,as the case may be] .
      This seems to be idea of the masters of the UPA,the Globalists.This is also to DIVERT the attention of the people of India,from the various scams of the UPA.Already Con Artist and senile crook MM Singh,is reported to be involved in the Rs 2 lakh Crores Coal Scam,and the UPA is "covering up" the Rs 150 Crores scam of NTRO involving an Israeli Co,by not presenting the CAG report in the Parliament for the last 5 months,though CAG has sent a "secret" report to the President.


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