Thursday, May 19, 2011

The USA's Iron-Grip On the UPA Is A Great Worry.

India in the iron-grip of the USA and Bill Gates
At least, recent incidents and some like the so-called,"Indo-US Nuclear Deal" show that the UPA has sold India to the USA and is trembling at the slightest display of ANGER or displeasure, by its Master,the USA.
1.The unnecessary purchase of some Howitzers and Globemaster etc to mollify the USA for NOT purchasing its INFERIOR F-16s and others recently,with the order likely to go to France or a European Consortium,is extremely dangerous and worrying.
2.The signing of the so-called "Indo-US Nuclear treaty" under duress.
3.The hold of the reported, master of DEPOPULATION and STERILIZATION,through Vaccines and Healthcare, Bill Gates thr' his Foundation,under the guise of Philanthropy.
India has lost HER Sovereignty,thanks to the treacherous,UPA.

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