Saturday, May 14, 2011

Certain Happenings Which Are Very bad For Sovereign India

MM Singh is very strongly suspected to be controlled by the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank.
1.MM Singh does not simply care or respect the Parliament or the people of India.
2.He says he is not aware about scams even in Ministries he heads,Devas/Abtrux/ISRO is a very good example as also the notorious 2 G spectrum scam.He enjoys POWER without ACCOUNTABILITY and doing harm to the nation to favour his Masters,the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank.
3.The repeated increases in petrol and Domestic Gas Cylinder prices.
4.FTAs which destroy local businesses and make the nation LOSE her Sovereignty,are signed without even consulting the affected parties and the Parliament.This applies to almost all the policies of the UPA.This is very dangerous for the Indian Democratic Republic.
5.Secret and sweetheart deals are being signed By MM Singh,And he is also very secretive.
Monsanto is conducting trials without permission from the State Governments.Bill  And Melinda Gates Foundation and the NGO PATH are conducting "clinical trials" using India's teenage girls, as guinea pigs,for Vaccination against HPV .
6.He had earlier,offered Autonomy to Kashmir without consulting the Indian Parliament.
7.The Nuclear deals he has signed are opposed but are being ignored.The so-called "experts" are misused to misinform the Public at large.He asks for a Nuclear deal wherever and whenever possible.
8.He is trying for "peace" with Pakistan,even though Indians were massacred mercilessly on 26/11.
9.The incursions and humiliations by Chinese on India is being covered up,so also many scams like the NTRO one with an Israeli Co.CAG report has NOT been presented in the Parliament, for the last 5 months,but CAG has sent a "secret" report to the President.
10.Land Grab is being resorted to resulting in the displacement of people from their native regions,for "development",though the Inflation is high and prices are skyrocketting.
11.SEZs,which have independent Laws are being set up.This is equivalent to Sovereign Nation inside India NOT under India's control.SEZs are also Land Grabs.
12.Corruption by the UPA is  very high.
13.No effort is being made to get back the Black Money citing one excuse or another.
14.He is destroying India's Agriculture for Industrialization.Is It for the sake of the US GMO Cos?
To be continued..........

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