Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Up To Its Mischief Again In India.

Bill Gates,a Globalist has openly recommended using Vaccination and Healthcare services,for DEPOPULATION,using his Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation in India,which has adopted some villages in Bihar and elsewhere in India,with the blessings of the Congress party.Earlier,in March-April,2010, the said Foundation, resorted to the mischief of using vaccination against the HPV using Merck's Gardasil, in the States of Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh where some deaths of some teen-aged girls occurred,during the trials,which were unethical,illegal and inhuman.This does not augur well for India,as the Congress party and its Globalists seem to be hand in glove with the likes,of Bill Gates,in  this evil agenda of DEPOPULATION.
1.The Globalists should eschew LUXURY.For example.MM Singh's House electricity Bill for 2009,is more than Rs 1 Crore.
2.Huge expenditure in ARMAMENTS should be stopped.

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