Monday, October 11, 2010

Yeddyurappa wins trust vote,but..............

The Karnataka CM won the trust vote, today,11/10/2010,but the Governor recommends President's Rule in the State!!!
But the trend of creating crises in non-Congress ruled States is a matter of concern as India's Democratic values are being eroded,in a systematic manner,by the Congress party inder MM Singh and the Italian Woman..It is worth noting that MM Singh is UNELECTED and his occupying the top post in India is both unconstitutional and undemocratic.He lost the only Lok Sabha election he contested from Delhi,in 1999.
The CIA,whose number was in creased around 2005 by the Bush Administration II,seems to be  wrecking havoc in favour of the Congress party in India.
The EVMs,which have been proven to be liable to hacking is also suspected to be one of the reasons the Congress-led coalition is in power today,at the Centre.It is worth remembering that Bush I is also suspected to have been stolen.
BJP moral ,Legal and actual, victor,in Karnataka,as the The Karnataka High Court Friday,29th,October,2010, upheld the earlier disqualification 11 rebel MLAs.

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