Monday, October 25, 2010

G20,The UN and its WTO,etc Are Against The Sovereignty Of Nations

   The recent meeting,in South Korea, of G20,empowering the IMF,stealthily,to interfere between two trading partners,is against the Sovereignty of not only India,but all the other nations of the World.
   Similarly the UN mandating nations about educational policies,especially,"sex education to children",on the express desire of the rich and powerful pedophiles,is a very great threat to Sovereignty of nations,recalling that the UN was itself,created for the purpose of forming ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,by the Globalists.Thus the pedophiles can exploit the children,shattering their lives,an aim of the Globalists,in their aim of the New World Order.At the same time,this allows the Society to lose the moral values,another aim of the Globalists for the same purpose.
  Now not only,WTO,but the IMF can also interfere in the International Trades.Please use THIS LINK for the other methods used by the Globalists,for the formation of ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.

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