Friday, October 15, 2010

CWG,New Delhi,2010:Aussie Athletes' Split Personality

The CWG was somehow conducted without much hitch.It is reported that Glasgow,where the next one will be held, stole the show in the closing ceremony.It is reported that the Aussie athletes resorted to vandalism for the 2-0,defeat of their cricket team by India,though they won the top spot in the medals tally and thrashed India 8-0,in Hockey,and continued to maintain their supremacy over India from 1962.
The CWG Organizing Committee has asked the Aussies to pay for the damage.
At the same time,they have donated Rs 4 lakhs to Delhi's NGOs working for the Capital's underprivileged.
This split-peronality of the Aussies is very very strange.

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