Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Plight Of Hindus In Deganga"etc

There are regular news of atrocities against the Hindus,by the Muslims in this border District with Bangla Desh.After the recent rampage and vandalism by Muslims,against Hindus,their temples and their women,reportedly,one thing that has become clear is that,Hindus are unsafe in Secular India,at the Hands of Minority Militant Muslims,in Deganga and surrounding areas.First the recent incidents HERE and HERE.
The following links tell the whole story,and the State Of Affairs,in Bengal today,so far as the Hindus are concerned.
Link 1
Link 2
           Hindus suffer in Pakistan and Bangladesh as per reports.This is legion.
        THIS , is one among the many pathetic stories of Hindus of Pakistan.
       Recently[as on 22/3/2013],there was a story of Hindus being persecuted,on the conviction of a MP of Bangladesh,for atrocities during the 1971 Liberation of that nation.

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