Monday, October 11, 2010

Kidney racketeer Amit Kumar's Foreign Properties seized

The ED(Enforcement Directorate),has seized the properties in Australia,of Amit Kumar,better known as the "Kidney King",for luring the uneducated and under-privileged sections of the Indian Society,into donating their kidneys.
But organ trafficking is an International problem,with,reportedly,Israel leading in this nefarious activity.
One of the reasons for the kidnapping of children,is organ trafficking,the other being pedophilia.Talking of pedophilia,  it is suspected that the insistence of the UN for "sex education to children in many nations",is due to the express desire of the powerful pedophiles,who occupy important positions Internationally and are very very rich to boot,in the garb of educational reforms,children's rights etc.The Social Adoption,so prevalent in many nations, is also suspected to be in the interests of the powerful and rich pedophiles,by "stealing",children,from their parents on one pretext or the other. .

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