Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Trade = Loss Of Sovereignty!

  Free Trade is loss of Sovereignty.
  What is Free Trade?
  The link above begins like this:-"Free trade is a system of trade policy that allows traders to act and or transact without interference from government".When a Government is not able to oversee businesses,it loses its Sovereignty,as the businessmen are not bound by the laws of the land.
  That is,there is no REGULATION.When there is no regulation,there no legal obligation from the partners.Who will prefer deregulation?Those who conduct their businesses unethically!
  It is unfortunate that UNELECTED,MM Singh,member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist,suspected to be controlled by the Leader of the Globalists,the Rothschilds and the IMF,a Globalist body,like Club Of Rome,is for Free Trade,not surprisingly,because of the diktats from those who control him.And Globalists want Nations to lose their Sovereignty/ies!Thus India is LOSING her Sovereignty,not only because of Free Trade advocated by  MM Singh,but his other policies too,which are:-
1.PPP or Public Private Partnership.
2.Privatization and Divestment out Of PSUs.
These two,along with the Stock,Commodity and Currency markets,are used to transfer Public Wealth into Private hands. 
3.Free Market or opening up the economy,to be determined by ONLY the Market forces,and hence with zero regulation.Opening up the economy,means allow Foreigners make profit by resources provided by you,freely,or at a comparatively, very cheap rate,at the cost of the locals.
4.Private banking,based on Fractional Reserve Banking,which allows leverage for Bankers,and hence is DISCRIMINATORY against ordinary Citizens,as a Banker's money has more value than the SAME amount owned by ordinary people, and the use of Derivatives Trading,which is based on high leverages.Unfortunately,Fractional Reserve Banking,which is actually,a fraud,is THE one on which the International Banking System,is now based.

5.Keeping the Inflation rate,DELIBERATELY HIGH.As per Keyenes.this is how Governments steal the money of ordinary Citizens.
6.Keeping the Budget Deficit DELIBERATELY HIGH.
It is worth noting that MM Singh,has allowed the signing of Free Trade Agreement with the ASEAN,despite protests,and is in process of doing so with the EU shortly.
He is also,recommending FTA,with the rest of the SAARC Nations,strongly,and wants to open up the borders too,with the neighbouring countries.Opening up borders,means loss of Sovereignty. 
To be continued..........................

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