Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Idle India Nervous on Chinese Assertive Behaviour in SE Asia.

Finally MM Singh and its Government have woken up from their sleeping mode.Reason:-China is assertive vis-a-vis India.While China was infiltrating in Kashmir using nomads,or its military personnel disguised as nomads,the UPA Government made light of such infiltrations and LIED to the Indian public.The UPA did the same,when China infiltrated brazenly into Uttaranchal,humiliating India.And no reaction at all,from the UPA Government.And China went on showing increasing assertive behaviour.Now China,it seems,wants to be a party in the so-called,"Kashmir dispute".
It is well-known that China has been concentrating on encircling India from all sides.Now in the Indian Ocean ,India's backyard,as its territory extends up to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands,the Chinese navy is showing more interest. 
With such passivity,the UPA leaders tom-tom that India will be a "Superpower",in a short while!Russia and China seem to be closer going by the recent visit of Mr Medvedev,who angered Japan,on his way back to Russia,by visiting  a disputed island between the two.It is generally,believed that this is a tit for tat,and a show of Russian support to China,regarding the Japanese claim of some islands which is disputed by China.There were reports,that Obama,during his visit to China, has allowed the latter, to be the Policeman in Asia.
To be continued....

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