Sunday, October 10, 2010

India:-An Overview

10/10/2010:-India,diplomatically and otherwise is in a delicate situation,with a weak Leadership,in the form of the Congress party.China is,bullying her,covertly,and MM Singh,went into sleeping mode,when Kashmir,was being held to ransom,by some pro-Pakistani elements.With regard to Telengana and the North East,too,the UPA at the Centre,seems to be playing the eternal waiting game,of passivity.In Telengana,the Italian Woman took a dictatorial decision,which proved counter-productive,with loss of lives,collateral,earnings by way of stoppage of factories,Schools,Colleges etc,by strikes,especially in the Telengana region.Andhra too,suffered a lot,in a similar fashion.India needs to accept China and Pakistan,as they are,and start vigorous counter measures in all fields to neutralize the adverse effects,they might have on her.She cannot lose sight of her neighbours, like Nepal,Bangla Desh,Sri Lanka and Myanmar,who seem to gyrate into the Chinese grip.As of now,China seems to have encircled India,from Pakistan,Myanmar,Bangla Desh and Sri Lanka.
Her Sovereignty is also in danger,as the UNELECTED MM Singh,is a Globalist,being a member,of Club Of Rome.He is a former IMF employee and is suspected to be PLANTED,in India's political field and corridors of power,at the age of about 59,and being controlled by the Rothschilds and the IMF,who are also Globalists.
        MM Singh is UNELECTED,which is undemocratic and is a member Club Of Rome,a Globalist body.Being a Globalist,he is following a policy to destroy India,by making her lose her Sovereignty.His speech in New Delhi,in an International Conference on Federalism,in November,2007,was a shocker,as he was recommending that nations lose their Sovereignty/ies.
To be continued.....

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